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Home Automation: A Faster, Smarter and Simpler Home

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Wouldn't it be perfect to simply switch off the light you left on downstairs, activate the alarm and close your blinds all from the comfort of your bed? Or switch your geyser off while holidaying in a foreign country?

"No, that's impossible and if it is possible then it would cost an arm, a leg and a kidney", you may say. Well, I would like to introduce you to, the smart and competitively priced solution, Coviva.

Coviva will make your life so much easier as it automates your home and can simply be controlled by an app on your phone, a remote or a wireless switch. This system can control multiple devices in and around your home, namely:

- gates

- garages

- beams

- alarms

- cameras

- electric fencing

- motorised blinds

- lighting

- geysers

- time switches

And the list goes on. Controlling your home and securing your loved ones can literally be a button away. And to top it off, you can have this control while sitting watching the game at home or at a friend's house or even at a bar in France, all you need is an internet connection.

Sounds easy right? Well, that is just the beginning. Coviva wants to make your life even easier with the scene settings. Let me set the scene... The sun is setting, the wine glasses are almost done and you and your partner want to head off to bed (if you know what I mean). But all the lights need to switched off and all the blinds have to be closed, mood killer right? Coviva to the rescue, the mood scene setting will switch off or dim the lights, close blinds and set the beams with one simple command or even better, will register, using geolocation, that the sun has set and will automatically do this with no command at all, if you wish. No delays or mood killers anymore.

You may be wondering if you have to build a new house to have this luxury system at your disposal. Let me ease your mind, you do not. This system can be fitted to any home as it is a retrofit system, which means that no preinstallation is required.

Great, this customisable system sounds fantastic but where can I get my hands on this smart solution? Northside Electrical (, based in Durban (but can deliver countrywide), is the place to go. They have salesmen that know and praise this system and will gladly assist you in making your home smarter, simpler and faster.


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