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23 Garage Organising Hacks for 2023

New Year means different things to different people. Some want to tackle a New Year's Resolution list, some pick a word to live by and some people see it as a way to start fresh. However you view the New Year, I’m sure one thing that most people want to tackle this year is the dreaded garage.

Somehow the ‘stuff’ has just multiplied, boxes have doubled, tools are lying around, kids toys are all over the place and well the car, it’s potentially outside because there is no room for it anymore.

Here are 23 garage organising hacks for 2023 to help clear those items off the floor or surfaces and ensure everything has a spot so the scary mess-monster is kept at bay.

Cantilever Arms for hooks and shelving

Cantilever arms are widely used in the construction industry but are fantastic for the garage because they are easy to install, can carry very heavy loads and they are cheap.

Here are some ways to use cantilever arms:

  • Shelf bracket to carry heavy storage containers or machines

  • Hook ladders on to

  • Hang chairs on

  • Place/hang larger garden items like weed-trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers, spades, rakes, etc

PVC conduit/pipes for EVERYTHING

PVC conduit/pipes and fittings come in a range of sizes and cut easily. Best of all, they are cheap and extremely versatile. You can pretty much build anything with them. This is great for the garage as you can create many holders and racks to ensure all your garage ‘stuff’ has a specific spot.

Here are some innovative and cheap ways to use PVC pipes to organise your garage:

A Tool box for compact & portable organising

Yes, most of you may have your handy tool box but it may be time to give it a bit of attention. Go through and re-sort it, get rid of items you can’t use anymore or the rubbish that has been left inside. If you don’t have a tool box, it is a worthy investment so you can keep items organised and portable should you need.

Label it!

Get a label maker or stickers and label your storage boxes, tool positions, placement of items on the shelves and wall and so on. Yes, this may sound over the top but you are going to put the time and effort in to ensure everything has a spot then you might as well label it.

This will help you in multiple ways:

  • Easy to find what you are looking for

  • No opening multiple boxes before finding what you are actually looking for

  • Helps other members of the family that don’t know your garage to find what is needed

  • Also means no excuses for the family members not putting it back where it belongs

  • Avoids having to re-sort in a few months time because everything is all over the place again

Handy things to have in your garage

Now these items won’t really assist with organising but are very useful items to have in the garage and should have an organised spot in your soon-to-be organised garage.

  • Grease-hand cleaner

  • Multi-purpose cleaner

  • Cloths/rags

  • Level

  • Measuring tape

  • Utility knife

  • Cable ties

  • Nails

  • Q20

  • Carpenters pencils

  • Lumbar crayons

May these hacks be useful to you as you tackle your garage this year. Small steps lead to big change, don’t feel you need to tackle the whole garage all at once. Remember, it’s better to take many small steps in the right direction than to take a giant leap forward only to stumble backward.

If you need any of these above items or advice, contact Northside Electrical as we stock a wide range of items including the items above as well as the tools needed to complete these projects. Visit one of our branches or call and chat to a sales consultant to personally assist you with your specific garage lighting needs. Northside provides the KZN region with superior quality electrical, lighting and security products and remarkable service.

Red Hill - 031 569 1005

Ballito - 032 946 0977

Hillcrest – 031 765 4140

Umbilo – 031 942 7755

Umhlanga – 031 564 5692

Alternatively, email

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