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Load-shedding Survival Guide: Top Tips & Tricks

We all know how frustrating load-shedding is but the sad reality is that it is here to stay. And if you are too then the best foot forward and the best solution is SOLAR. Relying on this eco-friendly alternative source of electricity will best equip you to say goodbye to load-shedding loathes.

However, this is not always realistic for most due to the cost needed to fully equip yourself with solar. So with that in mind, the below solutions, tips and tricks are more affordable ways to help tackle the load-shedding loathes. Full downloadable SUMMARY table at the end of the post with FREE downloadable PDFs.

BUT first, TEST how prepared you are for load-shedding? Follow the link below and get your score. The solutions to each of the questions are below, click the arrows to expand!

1. Are you alerted when load-shedding is starting?


Download EskomSePush (or a similar app) and know when load-shedding is going to darken your door. This will help you plan and prep so load-shedding causes you the least amount of frustration.


2. Do you have back-up lighting options?

3. Do you have to rummage to find them?

4. Are they fully charged?

5. Is your garden/outside area dark during load-shedding?

6. Have you been woken up because you forgot to put a light off or the TV off?


7. Does your alarm survive throughout load-shedding?

8. Do you need to switch your gate or garage motor to manual to open it?

9. Does your CCTV system work during load-shedding?

Communication / Entertainment

10. Do you have wifi during load-shedding?

11. Does your phone or laptop die sometimes during load-shedding?

12. Do you struggle with messaging when load-shedding hits because of poor signal?


14. Can you cook during load-shedding?

15. Do you have ‘back-up’ food if you can’t cook during load-shedding?

16. Do you miss having a cup of coffee/tea during load-shedding? Or need to make a baby bottle, but can’t?

17. Has your food in the freezer or fridge been defrosted or possibly turned because of a power failure?


17. Do you have surge protectors to protect your appliances?

18. Do you get hot because your fans don’t work during load-shedding?

19. Do you get bored and just down-right frustrated during load-shedding?


20. Have you needed cash but the ATM isn’t working properly during load-shedding?

21. Have you been stuck without fuel because the pumps weren’t working during load-shedding?

22. Have you been late because traffic is crazy during load-shedding?

Full Summary + FREE downloadable PDFs

Free downloadable PDF below (black background and white background available)

Load-shedding Survival Guide - Black background
Download PDF • 343KB
Load-shedding Survival Guide - White background
Download PDF • 85KB

Load-shedding is a complete nuisance, don’t get me wrong, but there are many things we can do to ease the frustration of it and maybe even enjoy it from time to time. It takes a bit of forethought and planning but will be worth it.

Alternatively, go solar or invest in larger scale inverters or generators as these will provide ample power to get you through load-shedding or black-outs. If you need any of these above items or advice, contact Northside Electrical as we stock a wide range of items to help equip you for load-shedding. Visit one of our branches or call and chat to a sales consultant to personally assist you with your load-shedding needs. Northside provides the KZN region with remarkable service and superior quality electrical, lighting and security products.

Red Hill - 031 569 1005

Ballito - 032 946 0977

Hillcrest – 031 765 4140

Umbilo – 031 942 7755

Umhlanga – 031 564 5692

Alternatively, email

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