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5 Tips to Fall In Love with your Home Lighting

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

This is the first in a series of lighting blogs that will help you fall in love with your home lighting this year. We are going to look at each room in the house and see how lighting can impact the overall atmosphere and functionality. No-one wants to be blinded in the bedroom or cutting vegetables using a side light, talk about a mood-killer and finger-slicer. To start, we are going to briefly look at lighting in general and the 5 top tips to fall in love with your home lighting.

1) Lighting for Functionality

Sitting in a dark room doesn't sound too appealing, does it? Lights have the basic function to, you guessed it, emit light. However, the amount of light and the light colour will impact the functionality of a room. If you are in the kitchen or bathroom, a bright, cool white light will assist with the precision tasks that occur in these rooms, like cooking and shaving. In rooms like the lounge, mood lighting would work best to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

2) Lighting in Layers

Layering lighting and using various lighting sources help to create versatility in a room. Combining overhead lighting (like downlights) along with ambient lighting (like a pendant light) allows one to brighten up the room or have a more romantic atmosphere. Layering the height of lighting also adds to the flexibility of the room such as side lamps, ceiling fittings, floor lamps and pendants.

3) Lighting Scale

Picking the right size light for a room is one of the most important factors as it impacts the room's overall balance. You aren't going to put your stunning, oversized chandelier in your narrow hallway as it will potentially cause a few head-knocks and will make the hallway look much smaller.

4) Lighting Direction

The directionality of your lighting goes hand-in-hand with functionality. For example, an adjusting desk lamp directing light onto your work space would make reading and working much easier on the eyes. On the other hand, trying to work under a downlight would cast shadows thus making it more difficult to work.

5) Lighting to Highlight

Lighting can be used as a tool to highlight an area or feature in your home such as a piece of artwork or feature wall. This is also called accent lighting and is a great way to catch one's eye and create interest.

Lighting really is an exceptional tool to elevate your home, create the perfect atmosphere and provide essential light. Although these tips were brief, we will be casting more light upon each of these in this series as we move through each room and hopefully help you make your home beam. Remember, if you require any lighting products or advice visit one of Northside Electrical’s branches or call and chat to a sales consultant to personally assist you with your specific lighting needs. Northside provides the KZN region with superior quality electrical, lighting and security products and remarkable service.

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