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Rent-a-Space at Northside Park


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15 Moffat Drive, Ballito

Northside Park is in the prime position in the middle of Moffat Drive (no 15) seen from the N2 and opposite the stop street on Stewart Drive.

Space Available:


(Part of car park)

Storerooms 1-5 - 18m²

Storerooms 6 - 41m²

Storerooms 7-11 - 18m²


GROUND floor

(6m high allowing for tall displays, racking or a Mezzanine)

Showroom 1 - 461m² (Northside)

Showroom 2 - 290m²

Showroom 3 - 302m²

Showroom 4 - 458m²


FIRST floor

(behind lift facing the freeway)

Storeroom or office - 42m²


TOP floor

(great views of the wetland, N2, hills and surrounding area. Showrooms can be partitioned to suit your needs)

Showroom 5 - 502m²

Showroom 6 - 506m²

Northside Electrical Lighting Security Wholesalers is a tenant and attracts plenty retail customers and contractors.

  • Prime commercial location in Ballito

  • Great visibility from the freeway and the stop street in Stewart Drive

  • Basement parking and extra parking

  • Elevator access

  • Clearview fence with electric fence on top

  • Electric gates

  • Back-up generator for the building

  • Solar electricity supply to be fitted

  • CCTV surveillance

  • 6m ceiling height in ground floor shops

  • As an owner tenant we will look after the property; visually, security, cleanliness, maintenance and the wetland.

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